One of our favorite aspects of working on the WARHOL X DC Collection was bringing the skate-specific STRENGTH & FRAGILITY Capsule to life with the help of DC’s own Evan Smith. Like Warhol, Evan is a Pittsburgh native and an artist in his own right. When we had the idea of having Evan ollie through a panel of glass to simultaneously highlight the “Strength” and “Fragility” sides of the collection, he was more than up for it. Of course, we used production-quality breakaway glass (the same stuff they use in movies) but we didn’t know how well it would work. With just two panels of glass, the pressure was on Evan and the film team... There were certainly a bunch of unknowns. Would Evan be able to see the landing? Would he be able to roll away or would the glass fragments stop him from rolling away? One thing we did know was that if anybody could pull it off, it would be Evan. In the end, Evan pulled off some of his typical magic and was able to roll away cleanly despite all the broken glass. We asked Evan about the experience and he told us he was thinking about Warhol’s famous quote as he broke through the glass: “I broke something today and realized I should break something once a week to remind me how fragile life is.” Evan said, “Andy’s right, life is so fragile. I wanted to break through the glass to remember Andy’s words. As my head hit the glass, the quote really sunk in!” To get a behind the scenes look at the shoot, check out this short video and shop the STRENGTH & FRAGILITY Collection today while supplies last.

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