It seems like skateboarders have always loved Black Sabbath, and Danny Way is a perfect example of that. Like many of us, he first heard about Sabbath through skateboarding. Not only did Danny go on to listen to tons of Sabbath (especially while skating and filming), but he has even used their songs in his video parts. And if that wasn’t enough, Danny has a son with the middle name “Sabbath”, so you know he’s not messing around with his love for the band. We sat down with Danny for a quick chat to discuss all things Sabbath.

How did you discover Black Sabbath?

First time I became aware of Black Sabbath was when I was in 4th grade. I lived in Oceanside and there was this skatepark in Vista with a quarter pipe that had “Black Sabbath” spray painted on it. I remember asking what that meant and the older guys told me it was a band with Ozzy Osbourne.

Do you have any distinct early memories listening to Sabbath?

I really started listening to music in 6th grade—mostly punk rock, but then also metal. So, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and early Metallica were all in the mix

How do you think Sabbath paved the path for other metal bands?

I know there’s some debate about it, but Black Sabbath were the pioneers of metal and they definitely influenced punk rock. They were the first to have that guitar sound. There was Pentagram too, but I don’t know how many people listened to them. Sabbath was the band that everyone knew about and that had the biggest influence. They definitely infected a lot of people with the idea of dark, heavy music. I call it the evil blues.

What’s your favorite Master of Reality song?

Maybe “After Forever.” I like the heavy sections. The verses on the track are evil and just love the way that Ozzy sings on that track.

So your son’s middle name is Sabbath. How did that come to be?

Yeah Tavin Sabbath Way. You know, coming up with names isn’t easy and I was at a crossroads with the middle name. So I just thought, let’s just make it something cool. I figured one day when he gets into music he’ll appreciate that. And he’s at the age now where he does like Black Sabbath and he’s stoked on his middle name.

So going back to those vert sessions, when you were filming parts

I remember back at the Plan B ramp listening to tons of Sabbath during those sessions. Lots of Master of Reality and Volume 4. Those albums were on pretty much every session.

What are your thoughts on DC collaborating with Sabbath?

If there’s any band that DC could collab with, I would want it to be Black Sabbath, so I was stoked on it. Sabbath is the roots of our music and I’m happy to wear some of the product.

And finally, tell us about covering “Embryo” for the Shadow of Reality LP?

t took a second, but it was a fun process and I was stoked to be part of the project. I don’t do covers much so I had to go learn it, but it was cool to challenge myself.

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