We’re excited to welcome back Los Angeles based artist and style icon Brittany Bryd to our Fall 2021 campaign. Brittany’s eclectic style pops on camera as she transforms her favorite DC Women’s shoes and apparel into curated looks that reflect her effortless, everyday style.

We’ve been inspired by Brittany for years, and fans will know this isn’t the first time she has featured in a DC campaign. But since her last appearance with us, Brittany has taken things to the next level. Despite a year of unprecedented challenges, she recently opened her own art gallery in DTLA! And if that wasn’t a big enough achievement, she has been travelling all over the world—most recently in Mexico and Hawaii—taking on some high profile styling gigs.

But at DC, we’re obviously the most excited about having Brittany as the muse for our Fall 2021 campaign. She’s wildly creative and always authentic. Her attention to detail, and her unique way of mixing the new with the old, perfectly captures what DC Womens is all about.

Brittany’s positive energy, and contagious confidence is ever-present on and off the camera. When we asked her what advice she had for young creatives chasing their dreams, Brittany unapologetically responded: “F**k It. Be fearless, chase your passion, and do it without looking back because it’s not going to lead you anywhere you aren’t supposed to be!”

Check out this sneak peak of Brittany showcasing her favorite DC Women’s looks and giving us some much needed inspiration for the mind, body and soul. After you’re done, head over to HYPEBAE where Brittany is being spotlighted for her gallery achievements and involvement with DC.

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