Meet Los Angeles-based makeup artist, Alexandra French. Alexandra is no stranger to DC and she once again masterminded our Fall ‘22 Women’s campaign. We couldn’t be more excited to share her authentic aesthetic and her connection with the DC women. On Euphoria, French worked under the show's Makeup Designer Donni Davy, co-founder of Half Magic Beauty, to create some of the world's most viral beauty trends. We caught up with Alexandra to talk about the campaign, her influences, and much more.


Name + age + hometown (introduce yourself)?

My name is Alexandra French, I am a Los Angeles based makeup artist, Director of Artistry for Freck Beauty and best known for my work on the Euphoria season 2 makeup team under makeup designer Donni Davy, cofounder of half magic beauty. I am 30 years old and spent some of my childhood growing up in Germany, eventually moving to Charlotte NC!

What was it like working on the set of the DC Women’s Shoot?

I absolutely love working with my DC fam! The collaboration and creative freedom is always so fun. Everyone brings the best energy to set and it never feels like work. Working closely with Heidi on this shoot was so incredible. I based all of my makeup design choices on the looks she was putting together.

What are your favorite looks from the campaign?

I LOVED the pink crop top, boy shorts and thong moment. We kept the makeup very fresh and 90s soft brown for that one. Also the black body suit with, hat, glasses and sweatpants was so cool. The way Heidi styles everything feels so cool, young and interesting. Every look had me gasping!

How did you start your career as a makeup artist?

I started in indie film, I went to school to learn how to do do special FX. Years later after department heading back to back indie films I made the switch over into fashion by contacting as many cool photographers as possible and asking if they wanted to do something fun. I felt something in the film world was lacking and I wanted to be more creative and have more fun on set. Through my first beauty client I was able to work with Chanel, Covetuer , Euphoria Magazine which opened my world up!

What influences your style the most?

I am the first to always say, I have no idea how to dress myself. My outfits are always very simple. I usually wear a simple all black outfit these days with cool sneakers and a fun, colorful but cool and wearable makeup. I think that’s why I love Heidi’s style so much bc I see myself being able to wear it and also it’s a different take on current fashion. While we were shooting the campaign I kept taking note of the outfits she was putting together so I could buy them myself.

We love to share what our creators are wearing, can you share your favorite DC Women’s shoes with our community?

As a kid and lover of all things skater style, I desperately wanted to be the cool skater girl. I loved wearing my DC Women’s Court Graffik shoes. These days I’m into Women’s Manteca Mid and DC Women’s Pure High Tops.

Tell us in 3 words what your personal style is like:

Simple, minimal, effortless!

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