This week, we got a chance to talk with Evan Smith about what influenced his entry into skateboarding and how it continues to be an important part of his life.

Wes Kremer and Evan Smith - Fresno, CA. Photo: Blabac.

Right off the bat, Evan laid it all out there stating, “Skateboarding is probably the most influential thing in my life.” As we dug a little deeper we got an inside look into how he got his start:

Evan: “When I was a kid I didn’t have much to do so I started skating, and I found my friends and family in a [skate] culture that already existed. The blessing of the entire thing was that I had a nearby skate park to go to - a common ground – there’s a lot of kids growing up right now that don’t have a skate park, and that was one of the biggest things that kept me skateboarding.”

DC: That’s a great point Evan, we agree skate parks play a huge role in keeping skaters of all levels motivated. But where did you even get your first board to get there?

Evan: “My uncle Mike was a huge influence for me, he got me my first board when I was 11. Actually, he got me and my cousin each a board at the same time. I remember we went out and skated in the driveway, and we each took a pretty good slam, my cousin went inside and read a book - he’s a lawyer now - but I stayed outside and skated, and I’m still skating.”

Evan Smith shows us the sights of his hometown. Tre Flip- Pittsburgh, PA. Photo: Blabac.

DC: That’s an awesome story - we speak for the entire skate community when we say that we’re glad you chose skateboarding. What is it like doing something you love so much as a career?

Evan: “It’s influential doing something you love, doing it every day, and having something to grow with. I’ve got so many things out of skating, and it’s probably the biggest creative influence on my entire life, if I didn’t have it I probably wouldn’t be complete. That’s how I feel about skateboarding.”

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