During a recent DC filming trip to Barcelona, we grabbed a few minutes with Wes Kremer.
Find out what got him to start skating, and what it is that keeps him motivated each time he's on his board.

The future is always bright when you're talking about these two guys. Wes Kremer and Evan Smith: Photo: Blabac.

DC: Hey Wes, what got you started skating?

Wes: “I found out about skating through my neighbors. Some of the kids in my neighborhood were rollin¹ around in the cul-de-sac I grew up in, and after seeing them roll around I wanted to get a skateboard of my own. So I got my own skateboard and just started skating. I pretty much fell in love with going fast, catching air, and just hanging out on my board. I had other friends progressing at the same time, learning tricks, and in a way my friends helped keep me skating.

Wes Kremer with a wallie 180 up and over the bar in San Diego Photo: Blabac.

DC: What is it that keeps you skating?

Wes: I have an addictive personality and I'm fully addicted to skating. I'm a lifer. Pretty much it's in my blood, and you can't stop once you've been doing something for way more than half your life.

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