Jumbrong, also known as Jumat Gombrong, emerged as a vibrant rap community event in 2020, coinciding with the onset of the pandemic in Indonesia. The initiative was spearheaded by Mario Zwinkle, Anto G Tribe, and several local rappers who sought to bring hip-hop gigs to Jogja city as the pandemic neared its end, albeit with a limited audience.

The event earned its distinctive name from being held every Friday, and the majority of musicians and attendees worn clothing described as "gombrong" – loose attire featuring baggy pants, characteristic of the hip-hop culture. More about the members and the history of JUMAT GOMBRONG: Mario Zwinkle, a prominent rapper in Indonesia renowned for his more than three albums, including "Soul Plane" with standout tracks like Street Cruising and Funk Yeah.

Anto Gantaz, an old-school hip-hop artist from Jogja city associated with the G Tribe (Geronimo Tribe). As the founder of Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation, he boasts an extensive touring history in Europe (Den Haag, Belgium, Paris) and the USA (San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley).

Together with four other talented rappers, Mario and Anto formed a rap group named Jumat Gombrong, mirroring the event's title. Their video clip released a few months ago has accumulated an impressive 354K views and continues to grow. On their most recent music project from October 2023, they directly collaborated with us, DC.

Jumat Gombrong has amassed a substantial fanbase in Indonesia, particularly in Jogja. Their December 2022 gig there, drew over 3,000 attendees, mostly comprising enthusiastic youngsters. The event has expanded beyond Jogja to other cities like Jakarta, Semarang, Solo, and more.

This thriving community is deeply intertwined with DC's core culture of skate and hip-hop. The synergy between Jumat Gombrong and DC products creates a powerful connection, allowing fans to identify with the brand through the dynamic performances and distinctive style showcased at these events.

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