Here's a bit more from Monster Children on the video:

"We’ve all had them, those perfect days."

"Nothing all that special happens, you know, you wake up feeling fine, sun shining. With no pressing obligations, errands or chores, you go to the room you like chilling in the most, sit there, get a loose idea of what the day will hold; nothing so binding that you’d call it a plan, something more of a framework. Figure you’ll head over to the warm-up spot, some bros show up, and you end up skating all day. Nothing heavy, just tinkering around, skate some nugs, cruise down to the beach. Those days can be the most satisfying—the ones riddled with spontaneity.

Andrew Peters linked with Wes Kremer on such a day at his home in San Diego and chilled for the day. The two were able to very eloquently string something together that accurately captures the zeitgeist of an idyllic San Diego day. Wes’ skating is a joy to witness, be it down a 20-set or a slappy curb, and it’s cool to see him bopping around his natural habitat, emphasized all the more by Peters’ artful approach in shooting it. I anticipate a heavy influx in “who’s skating?” texts as a result of this one. Enjoy."

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